Welcome to Little Seoul

Located in the heart of Antwerpen city, Little Seoul offers you an elegant experience of Korean bbq and Japanese sushi in a modern setting dedicated to satisfy cravings and cater an atmosphere with great ambience.

We are an all you can eat restaurant which means you can enjoy all our dishes: Korean style bbq, sushi and plenty of other dishes within a two hour limit excluding drinks.

In every table we have smokeless built-in grill and an exhaust fan allowing you to enjoy the food with ease.

"Come and join us in the first all you can eat Korean BBQ
restaurant in Antwerpen..."


Lunch: Saturday to Sunday

  • € 32,00 per person
  • Kids from 4 - 10 years old: € 13,00

Dinner: Monday to Sunday

  • € 36, 00 per person
  • Kids from 4 - 10 years old: € 15,00


  • If there are any concerns regarding our food, including information regarding allergies, cooking times or recommendations, please feel free to ask us.
  • You can enjoy all our dishes within 2 hours.
  • Please be mindful when ordering because wasting food will be charged.
    €1 for one piece of sushi and €3 for other dishes.
  • Outside food & beverages are not allowed in the establishment and leftover foods are not allowed to be taken away.
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